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The words and terms defined in the Terms of Use (“User Agreement”) and Privacy Policy shall be the same for the purpose of this Cookie Policy. The words / terms defined specifically in this Cookies Policy shall prevail for the purpose of this Cookies Policy only and shall override the User Agreement and / or Privacy Policy, as the case may be, to that extent. 


COOKIE(S) means a small text file(s) which is / are inserted by the website (this WEBSITE or any third-party website or landing page or app) and saved on the computer or device when the website is visited. For the purpose of this Cookie Policy, other tracking technologies as mentioned hereinafter shall also be included within the meaning of COOKIE(S).


This Cookies Policy is prepared, adopted, and implemented by the WEBSITE for informing the USER about the use of COOKIE(S) and similar technologies such as beacons, pixel, scripts etc. on the WEBSITE and its implications on the USER.

This Cookie Policy is subordinate to and should be read together with User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

What are COOKIE(S) and other tracking technologies?

COOKIE means a small text file which is inserted by the website (this WEBSITE or any third-party website or landing page or app) and saved on the computer or device when the website is visited. It enables the website to remember the actions and preferences (such as login, language, and font size and other display preferences) of the USER over a certain period of time, and hence the USER is not required to enter the information for such preferences afresh while visiting the website.

The other tracking technologies such as web beacons, pixels, scripts, and such similar technologies are intended to work in the same manner as the cookies work. Such data files are also inserted by the website or app devices of the USER to monitor the activity of the USER on such website or app and enable such website or app to collect information about how the website or app is used. WEBSITE may use COOKIE(S) or such other technologies to uniquely identify your device, track and analyze USER behavior and usage and set the preferences on the WEBSITE.

COOKIE(S) may be used by the WEBSITE specifically

To provide subscription services

To provide non-personalized or personalized advertisements

To identify the location of USER

To identify the browser and device of the USER

To analyze the user behavior, browsing pattern and other preferences for personalization

To measure and analyze the audience for each page in order to subsequently improve the ergonomics, browsing, or visibility of CONTENT

To measure the reliability of WEBSITE by analyzing the number of visits to its pages in real time, and offer varied ads that are adapted to USER’s areas of interest

Cookies may also be inserted and placed in the device of the USER by social media tools and other advertisers.

Type of cookies

First-party cookies

These are the COOKIE(S) inserted by the WEBSITE on the device of the USER. WEBSITE use such COOKIE(S) where they are absolutely necessary to provide the SERVICES. USER may opt out of these COOKIE(S), however in such cases where COOKIE(S) are disabled, the WEBSITE may not be able to provide the intended SERVICES which require COOKIE(S).

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are the COOKIE(S) which are inserted by third parties such as advertisers, social media, search engines, etc. through WEBSITE. These cookies are, however, inserted only where the USER clicks the link on such advertisement or social media embeds.

WEBSITE may use the following types of COOKIE(S):

Persistent Cookies to improve user experience. This includes recording USER’s acceptance of WEBSITE’s Cookie Policy to remove the cookie message which first appears when USER visits the WEBSITE.

Session Cookies, which are temporary and deleted from USER’s device when the web browser closes. Such Session Cookies might be used to track internet usage.

Acceptance of COOKIE(S)

USER may refuse to accept the COOKIE(S) by activating the appropriate setting on the browser. However, in such cases of disablement of the COOKIES, the USER may not be able to access certain parts or functionality of the WEBSITE.

COOKIE(S) retention period

The COOKIE(S) shall stay on the USER’s device for a period which is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which such COOKIE(S) is / are intended to be placed or inserted. 

Deletion of COOKIE(S)

USER can delete the COOKIE(S) from the settings of the web browsers.

What type of information and data is collected by cookies?

Cookies and such other tracking technologies are meant to collect the non-personal information of the users. The information usually collected is user preferences as to language, fonts, links, etc. However, there is always a risk that certain third-party websites / applications may insert malicious code or viruses such as trojan horses which may collect the personal information as well as the sensitive personal information of the users.

WEBSITE will not use the COOKIES intended to collect the personal or sensitive personal information of the USER.


WEBSITE do not make any representation or gives any warranties for any cookies or other tracking files inserted by the third-party websites / applications and disclaims all the liabilities for any loss or damage to the systems or person or property of the USER or misuse of information collected by such cookies or other files on the device of the USER. The USER shall visit and use such other third-party websites, including the websites of advertisers, sponsored links etc., at their own and sole risk.

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